October 16, 2009

New Nikon D3s

Cannot wait to get my hands on this one!

Here's a blurb from the Calumet Photo storefront:

"What would you do if the laws of photography changed? With the introduction of the new Nikon D3S, professional photographers around the world will reconsider this question entirely, and re-examine the power, potential and reach that photography can now achieve. The D3S's abilities are so evolutionary that photographers will experience an entirely new level of performance and reativity, pushing them further into the uncharted waters of possibility. Standing on the shoulders of the incredibly fast and versatile D3, the new D3S makes spectacular improvements that will enable you to think and shoot in ways you never thought possible: commercial-quality low-noise images as high as ISO 12800, the ability to shoot HD movies at high ISOs with stereo sound, saving a selected frame from D-Movie as a JPEG for immediate print and web publication, light sensitivity beyond what your own eyes can see clearly, and the consistent accuracy and reliability that Nikon is known for. All of these things are now at your command. The new Nikon flagship will quite literally make you see things differently, and help you approach your next assignment with a new sense of excitement. It's time to redefine the true power of photography and the future of imaging. What could you accomplish if you could redraw the boundaries of photography? Find out, with the D3S."

Nikon brochure.

Adorama D3s

B&H D3s

Calumet Photo D3s


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