October 20, 2009

Thank you gadget/techno maker PEOPLE (Canon EOS-1D Mark IV)

I was up late last night at my day job (hmm...that might qualify for an oxymoron) and I was following the Canon announcement of their new Canon EOS-1D Mark IV.  Right after the announcement of the Nikon D3s; wow, the photography world is getting real treats this week!

When I read the specs of the D3s when they came out, my heart pounded a little faster, and I felt a little rush as the blood rushed to my head.  But when I read the specs of the Mark IV, my heart raced and I was immediately trying to figure out how to buy one of these with the rush and intensity of techno/gadget junkie jonesing for a fix.  If the specs prove out, this is going to be a one hell of a camera!

Personally, I like to think of myself as a purist gadget junkie.  I couldn't care less which company creates a cool gadget or piece of technology.  I just feel blessed to be able to engage with it.  Hence I do not care to get myself into the Nikon vs Canon, Apple vs PC, Ford vs Chevy crap fests.  I have found no inner calling or need to find myself a champion for any business or group of corporate shareholders.  If a company puts out an awesome piece of gadgetry or technology, I embrace the essence of that which drives my adrenaline levels...not the brand.

I must admit, however, that I'm in complete awe of the PEOPLE behind the creation of the gadget or technology.  So if the specs prove out on the Mark IV, my sincere congratulations and a heartfelt techno junkie fix set of hugs to the PEOPLE that made the Mark IV, and a honorary congrats to Canon for putting the money and corporate framework in place to allow those talented PEOPLE to follow their dreams by creating a pipeline to which they can push their creativity and skills through to me the end consumer.

If I am lucky, I will not "switch" from Nikon to Canon, but be able to purchase a Canon and some lenses to serve a higher purpose in my creative pursuits as a photographer.  This is a WOW! moment for me in photography.  My heart races at the announcement of the Mark IV like it raced when I saw the Transformers trailer years ago.  My soul rejoices to the PEOPLE that made the Mark IV and Transformers movie a reality for my person to feast upon.

Here are a few links of information I found interesting on the Mark IV....take a close look at Vincent Laforet's recent blog post on the Mark IV's video capabilities...just think of what a couple of PEOPLE did to make this particular blog post and video review a reality as you read...the human spirit and drive is quite impressive!



These are truly happy days fellow photogs!

EOS-1D Mark IV at B&H Photo Video


ps...“Throughout the EOS-1D Mark IV’s development, we’ve carefully studied feedback from our photographers and developed a camera to meet their specific requirements” said Mr. Shinbori, Senior General Manager of Camera Development Center, Canon Inc.

From what I read from Thom Hogan, Nikon could stand to follow Canon's lead on Mr. Shinbori's statement.

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