April 22, 2010

“Born” Album Release

This week, a very special person to me, Matthew Andrae, released his new record, "Born".  Check it out...I doubt very much you will be disappointed.

Matthew's story is incredible and his music matches his incredible story in sound, composition, and talent.  He can play a guitar like nobody's business, and his voice is of the rare "sounds better live than recorded".  You know, the artists you go see in concert and come out saying "DAMN!..... His voice sounds awesome live!"

The first song, "Sweet Celine", launched him into a new recording career.  After posting on YouTube the self recorded video of himself performing the song written for he newborn daughter, overnight, his email was flooded with 15,000 new emails with 1,000 new ones arriving every hour and shortly would land him a recording contract!

I don't write this to try and bring traffic to Matthew..he gets plenty of that already.  I do this to share something special with you, my readers, in the hope of blessing you with wonderment and beauty of sound.



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