October 7, 2010

Outdoor Senior Portrait using AB PLM and Nikon SB600 Rig

A couple of weekends ago, we shot a senior portrait session up in the mountains and I wanted to try a new rigging for lighting.  It consisted of  a Nikon SB600 flash unit, mounted on a monopod using a DLC HD Bounce Umbrella Bracket.  We then attached a 64" Alien Bee Silver PLM and then connected the SB600 to the Nikon D300 we were shooting with using a Nikon SC-28 daisy chained with an SC-17.  The results were great!  The PLM allowed us to get a wider spread on the light and it's parabolic nature allowed for less reduction in power than say a softbox modifier.  No diffusion material was used on the front of the PLM.  The only drag was making sure
 the umbrella shaft didn't get into the frame of the shot.  (It appears that the folks at Alien Bees have come up with a speedring now that allows the umbrellas to be affixed to the flash unit without the long protrusion of an umbrella shaft in the new PLM2 series..not sure if the speedring will work with older models of PLM?)

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