October 22, 2010

Pro Mom Advice on Family Photo Children Preparation

I mentioned in an earlier post about a Fall Family Photo Shoot we did where I was totally impressed with how well the kids were emotionally prepared for the photo shoot and how well they engaged in the photo shoot process.  I asked the mom some questions about her preparation of the kids.   Thanks so much, Julie, for taking the time out of your hectic day to do this!

EMV Studios: Your kids were so prepared to cooperate at the shoot. Did you have a conversation with them prior to the shoot?
Mom: We talked about doing family photos and how it is important to mommy. We talked about some shots they may like to do (with the dogs, in a special outfit, with mommy or daddy). We talked about how we expect them to participate, and then we try to provide some fun along with it. Life is about the journey, not the destination!!

EMV Studios:  How did you present the idea of a family photo shoot to your youngest?
Mom:  We told him we were going to take pictures and play outside. We got him dressed and had him bring a special toy to play with when he wasn’t in the shot.

EMV Studios: How did you engage your kids in the getting ready for the photo shoot and picking out outfits?
Mom:  Sometimes I ask my daughter to pick between two or three dresses I like to start when choosing outfits. Then I coordinate everyone else’s outifts around her dress. Typically I try to incorporate each child’s taste in clothes to what I pick for them to wear. Then they get the new clothes as part of their wardrobe.

EMV Studios: Did your kids express any excitement about the photoshoot?
Mom:  No, they all hate doing it. Two even cried about it. I am the only one who gets excited about taking family photos.

EMV Studios: Were there any rules or enticements you gave the kids?
Mom:  Do this for our family because it is important for Mommy. We can take some photos and then play outdoors. We try to make it a fun family outing around the event.
EMV Studios: What advice would you give other parents of young children on how to get ready and advice on attitude during the shoot?
Mom:  Try to schedule it at a good time for the kids. Keep yourself relaxed and roll with whatever happens. We worked our photo shoot around Henry’s nap schedule. Also, bring something fun to do on the way there and during downtime. We brought the RV with a movie for on the way. Being outside makes it easier to allow the kids to run around between shots. Our dogs provided a distraction for my older kids. Henry brought his toy gun.

EMV Studios: What "tricks" do you suggest for parents to get kids to smile and pose for the camera while at the photo shoot?
Mom:  Bring somebody who can get them to look the right way and laugh during shots. I stood behind Michael and shot at Henry with his own toy gun during the kids’ photos. I also pretended like I was going to tickle him for some shots. Allow kids to help prepare for each shot. Henry still remembers pushing away the grass at the photo shoot for shot.

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