December 31, 2010

B&W Photo Project Setup and Execution

Well, New Year's is upon us and I've been off for a week.  I decided to start one of my New Year's resolutions early...more personal photo projects to push me out of my comfort zone.  So last night, Diane and I executed on a Black & White photo project I've been wanting to do.  Diane picked out the outfits and I already had the images in my head that I wanted to create.  In order to take pictures of ourselves, I had the D300 mounted on a tripod with the Nikon 70-200.  It was tethered to the laptop running Nikon Camera Control Pro 2.  I used the LiveView feature on it with the laptop facing us to compose our shots.  I then had our daughter push the Start AF and Shoot buttons.

Most of the shots were done with 4 lights...

December 27, 2010

A "S" Curve and a Little Photoshop

I recently was down in Refugio TX vising relatives.  Refugio is a little Northeast of Corpus Christi.  It's a south texas town that I have fond memories of visiting my dad's family during the summers and winter breaks.  So I decided to break out the camera and had my dad drive me around to some of the landmarks I so fondly remember.

One of the best landmarks, in my memory, was the Refugio water tower.  It's unique and it always brought excitement to my youngster stomach as the anticipation of arrival was finally noted at it's sight and I knew then that we were just moments away from running up "Nanaw's" porch to receive awesome grandma kisses that only "Nanaw" could deliver.

I knew exactly the image I wanted to create, but it would take two pictures of the landmark at two different times of the day, dusk and sunrise.  The dusk shot was the most important and the skies were super clear and I knew this was going to be a great picture.  Here's how I put it together...