January 31, 2011

Who's Going to the Flashbus Tour?

So, I'd really like to get some comments on who is going to the FlashBUS tour and what you are hoping to get from the workshop.  For those of you who haven't heard, Joe McNally and David Hobby (the Strobist) are putting on a flash workshop in 29 cities throughout the United States.

I signed up this morning for Albuquerque on March 23.  It only costs 99 dollars and is probably going to be the best 99 spent on professional training for me in a long time.

If you are going to be at the Albuquerque workshop, hit me up here and introduce yourself!



January 29, 2011

Previsualize and Go Back!

How many times have you looked at a scene and wished you either had your camera with you, or had the time to stop and take the snap?  For me, there is this building we always drive by on our way to Denver to visit our daughter's scoliosis doctor.  It's on the northern outskirts of Trinidad, Colorado.  For some reason I'm really drawn to this building.   Every time we pass it coming and going,

January 8, 2011

Capturing the Coolness℠ Aesthetic Exposure Triangle Diagram

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One of my past "lives" was being a software developer.  Within the software/IT project world, we would always talk about the project triangle to clients.  Each side of the triangle represented Time, Scope, and Resource Cost.  For any change you made in one side of the triangle, and offsetting change would need to be made to another side..or a proportional change shared amongst the other sides.  So for example if a project needed to have a time of 6 months for a given set of technical objectives, then the resources needed would be 5 people.  If someone wanted to to shorten the time from 6 months down to 3 months, then either you add more resources (increase costs) or reduce the number of technical objectives of the project.

With photography, we have a similar triangle.  Each side of the triangle represents an "ingredient" in the amount of light contributed to the overall exporsure of a given scene.  The longer the side of the triangle, the more light contributed.  If you increase/decrease the length of one side of the triangle, you must equally decrease/increase, respectively, the length of another side, or split the change proportionately between the other two sides.

For example, you are photographing a basketball game.  Let's say that your camera states proper exposure for a given scene at ISO 200 is Aperture= f/8 and Shutter Speed= 1/60, but you know you need

January 5, 2011

Some Cool Thoughts From a Cool Artist on Being an Artist

Got an email today from Behance.com newsletter.  Within the email, was an article "Francis Ford Coppola: On Risk, Money, Craft & Collaboration".   It was a question/answer interview with Mr. Coppola by Ariston Anderson.

The question, or I should say answer, that most got my attention, was the answer to the question "How does an aspiring artist bridge the gap between distribution and commerce?"

His first answer to the question was to remind us that back in the day, Artists didn't get paid...they had a patron.  If they didn't have a patron, they earned their money via another job.  In Coppola's case, he's very content that he makes his money in the wine business, and then can do his artistic thing in film on his own dime and vision.

The next question/answer section that most got my attention was the question "What's the best piece of advice you've given to your children, inside and outside of the industry?"  In his answer he stated "It is very important for an artist not to lie, and most important is not to lie to yourself."  in addition to "Always make your work be personal."

To check out the full interview go to "http://trigger.actionmethod.com/pyy.stc/TSOUaPZZXSlBzr19B969f"

Good stuff.



January 2, 2011

Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Review

I decided to jump into the tablet arena with the purchase of a new Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch.  I stuggled with the decision between an Intuos 4 Small and the Bamboo.

I decided to go with the Bamboo Pen & Touch for two reasons:

1.  I wanted the Touch features - This makes the tablet like a great big touch pad, and I can replace my mouse with one device...the Intuos comes with a mouse, but then you have the whole put the pen down, use the mouse, pickup the pen...blah, blah blah...With the Bamboo, I can still