August 29, 2011

Keep the Camera Ready!

Two weekends ago, we had a senior photo shoot session that was fabulous.  And I have to admit, we (us and the mom of the senior) were totally surprised at how much this particular senior worked the camera and did a fabulous job posing and getting into the spirit of the shoot!

One thing that Diane keeps telling me is to keep the darn camera ready for the unexpected and look away shots.  What do I mean?

You know, the one where you've clicked the shutter, put the camera down to get the subject ready for the next pose..and BAM...awesome shot I've been taking my wife's advice lately and it surely pays off!

 These two were taken while we were shooting our son and his friends pictures for prom.  Moms and Dads, little sisters, a whole gaggle of people were at our house.  Lot's of side conversations and everyone was at ease.

At the senior photo shoot last weekend:  The fun of the shoot provided some great look away shots that were totally spontaneous and would have been totally missed had I not had camera thing, though, having an assistant helps....while the assistant is getting the subject ready or giving instruction, keep your eye open!

And of course one of my all time favorites from this session:  She was playing around and we (with her mother) were hamming it up....turned out to be one of my FAVORITES!



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