August 19, 2011

Warm Heart Wedding: Kristen & Bill - August 13, 2011

Every wedding has a personality.  And Kristen and Bill's wedding felt like a warm heart wedding to me.  Both Bill and Kristen are such warm hearted people to begin with when we met them.  And after witnessing the families and wedding party, I now see where family and friends truly work in a synergistic circle of love to make lives a microcosm of support, love, and cherished moments.

The wedding day started off with Dad doing dad duties, some peekabo anxiety, and the occasional "check out my shoes!"...

And my goodness, I've never seen so much tie checking and arrangement by the boys!When the wedding started, it was a beautiful sight...Dad and Bride exchanged loving smiles before proceeding.  Dad and Bride seemed very calm and relaxed, Groom was definitely trying to steal a peak...

The wedding party was stunning and gorgeous and the bride and groom were surrounded and supported by loving friends and family....

Bill is man after my own was all he could do to keep from showing his true love and emotion to his lovely bride as he said his vows, and I swear I almost started was a beautiful alter setting.

After the wedding, we all knew that we were at the mercy of Mother Nature and the typical Los Alamos afternoon monsoons to get up to the ski hill and get our photographs accomplished of Bill and Kristen and the wedding party up in the mountains before the reception.

But the cloud cover made for beautiful soft light and awesome cool of my favorites of all time is with Kristen surrounded by her brothers....I LOVE IT...
And of course Kristen was just stunning and happy!

Bill wasn't so bad either...:)...what a handsome young man with a personality that bless so many people...I'm  sure of it!

Finally, the wedding party!  Wow...such fantastic young people and so loving and caring to the couple...beautiful souls...the whole thing was magical.

Click here to view the slideshow of this awesome wedding!  Congratulations Kristen and Bill...may God bless you both with warm love, cherished moments, laughter, well-being, health and loving kids.


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