September 1, 2011

The Coolness of a Black and White Senior Photo Shoot

Last weekend we had a fantastic shoot with an awesome high school senior, Austin.  We have known Austin since we moved back to Los Alamos in 2005.  He and our son played baseball together and we have been good friends with the family since.

Austin is a quality kind of guy with a focus and drive of purpose.  He knows where he wants to be and doesn't take to mediocrity...I'm always impressed by his push to perform in all aspects.

He has a fantastic smile and came to the photo shoot with some inspiration pieces on the outdoor shots.  As I looked at his inspiration pieces, a lot of them were black and white.  I LOVE black and white, but I'm also scared to death of black and's harder than it looks to make a black and white cool and fabulous looking...and for lifestyle shoots, it's all about cool and fabulous.  But this day, the photo muse was working and I immediately found my mind formulating a creative plan on the images I wanted to create for Austin.

We headed to the baseball fields.

I'm finding that I really love the lifestyle photography has always been an attempt to capture the personality...of anything...a person, a scene, an event....and I feel most successful when I capture the personality of a person in the elements of the things they love.   And this is why I feel I really liked this particular photo shoot so much...we were going to attempt to capture Austin in his baseball element...and did I mention....IN BLACK AND WHITE.....

Austin loved them.  Mission accomplished!

What are your favorite types of photo shoots?

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