September 16, 2011

THE FOG and Client Collaboration

If I haven't said it enough before, I LOVE it when clients come to the creative planning session with ideas!  Especially during the High School Senior Pictures season.  You see, when a high school senior comes to the planning session with ideas they know are going to be eagerly received, they are already excited about the photo shoot long before it starts....and to be quite honest, I'm honored that I can have young ladies and men sit before me and Diane,  comfortable and eager to work together in creating the most unique and intriguing images possible to fit their personality.  It's what we do and it's what I love about my job...and trust me, next to girls dreaming about their dream wedding, they are definitely thinking about their high school senior pictures and have all sorts of ideas and inspiration!

So, when we sat down with Carli and her mom and began to discuss ideas, we started talking about creating some moody and dramatic images....I was honestly talking about lighting and using a black background....Carli then injected a "oh...I thought you meant like with fog and stuff...".  I told her that I wasn't thinking about that, but that maybe we SHOULD!  What a great vision!  The rest was up to me to execute a cool and intriguing set of images...I love my clients!

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