September 8, 2011

The Hat! and a Light Bulb

Have you ever had a client that you knew INSTANTLY the images you wanted to create?  Enter Lynne Marie...We have known Lynne Marie for about 6 years. So it was an honor to us to be able to shoot her senior pictures.

For reasons I still do not understand, the moment the topic of senior pictures came up for Lynne Marie, the idea for the hat shots immediately popped into my mind.  The brain is strange that way.  And when I say immediate, I swear someone watching me would have seen an honest-to-god light bulb go off over my head. But that's what I do...I create photoshoots built to the client's personality and character.  It's why I have the creative plan consultation as part of our process on lifestyle and senior pictures.

Yes, sometimes the photoshoots are standard fair..because the client WANTS standard fair.  But I pride my photography on creating photoshoots unique to a client's personality and character.  And this HAT had to be a part of this photoshoot.  And thank goodness Diane can read my mind...I had a hard time describing the hat to her...but she somehow knew exactly what I wanted and knew just the place to find one!

The images created were FABULOUS!, and more importantly she loved them.  Lynne Marie was gracefully fluid taking direction and working the shots.  She has a natural style in modeling that I hope to see more of in coming months and years.  And because I can't go without some black and whites, take a look at what Lynne Marie and I created at the end...GORGEOUS!

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