December 21, 2011

♪On The 6th Day of Fabulous..♪


Diane and I really enjoyed this photo shoot of Alex. She works with Diane and she thinks I'm a dork. She totally had fun with this shoot and we loved the session with her and her mom.

For the 12 Days of Fabulous, I'm randomly picking a client we shot this year and posting MY 2 Fab Fav shots from the clients photoshoot.

Let me know what YOUR two Fab Favs are from Alex''s +Plus Site -->

A little fashion forward shot that Alex worked very well...Alex was so comfortable in front of the camera!
©2011 Michael P. Young. All rights reserved.

Oh my goodness...Alex had a beautiful back yard that made for perfect scenery for the outdoor portion of the session!
©2011 Michael P. Young. All rights reserved.

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