December 3, 2011

Sister & Brother Photoshoot

What can I say about this sister and brother duo?  Just that Karlie & Ruben are two of the finest young people with the biggest hearts that love their mom!  With a double reciprocity of love from mom to these two cherished siblings.

I had the pleasure and honor of creating a fabulous senior photoshoot for Karlie and Ruben at the Inn at the Delta a few weeks back.  It was a place full of textures and colors that made me feel like I was shooting in a land made perfect for this photoshoot.

Karlie and Ruben are two young people that truley care about the people in their lives.  I'm constantly amazed at the love and generosity these two outpour in their facebook posts and in person.  Ruben is a true fountain of positive energy when you meet fake, no ego...just down to earth good humor and and outgoing personality that makes you feel like a million dollars after your encounter with him.

Karlie is a shining star in her beauty and soul.  When you meet her for the first time you feel like an angel from heaven is talking with you...she is sweet and endearing.

And oh my goodness...when you meet their mom, Lydia, you'll see a mom who has nothing but the utmost love and respect for her hijita and hijito...  She is a loving example of parenthood done right!

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