January 12, 2012

I Wasn't About To Say No!

I love personal projects. Do a photoshoot for fun...think outside the box...no time constraints...

For quite some time now, my little bean, Victoria,  has been assisting me during the photoshoots.  And for some time now, she's been wanting to get her own photoshoot.  For months, she's been planning, and thinking about her photoshoot.  So when she came to me and said she wanted to execute the shoot during the winter break, my heart was full of positive emotion.  I was excited that she wanted to do this.  But even more excited for that father and daughter quality time together...she is my youngest, and trust me...once they start getting older it gets harder and harder to find any kind of time to spend with them, let a lone them even WANTING to spend time with you.  And this little bean is growing up fast...so this was a photoshoot and an opportunity I wasn't going to miss out on!

The weekend before, we all went down to Santa Fe to shop for her clothes and accessories.  She was in the drivers seat.  Mom provided input when asked.  I just watched, and paid the bill....without reservation.

Victoria thought it would be totally cool to do a snow shoot in the burn area of our mountains...we had a massive fire up here last summer...the Las Conchas Fire....

I just love this shot!

Part of the photoshoot was outdoors at a park in Santa Fe that has a huge old train in the middle of it...we wanted to utilize the train in the shots, but alas, they now have a large fence around it making it kind of suck....as we were figuring out ways to get shots, Victoria looked over at the Tennis ball courts, and saw the snow on the courts had melted and with the angle of the sun, was creating great reflections...SHE came up with the idea for this shot...way to go Victoria!

I hope that if she becomes a model someday  that I can be invited to the photoshoots!

 Until next time:  Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique

Michael P. Young

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