April 17, 2012


Over Easter weekend, we had the great pleasure of attending a volleyball tournament there.  What an awesome town...if you get a chance go visit St. Columba church there too...the Easter Vigil Mass was awesome.

We had a great time at the games.  Really enjoyed the Ft. Lewis College games...what a beautiful campus and scenery!

 And then we had fabulous volleyball action for two days...it was awesome and the girls did fantastic!

April 5, 2012

Soul of a Senior Portrait

The Soul of a Senior Portrait

by Michael P. Young

Of what is this passion that burns in my heart/ For the use of an instrument that creates such art/ of a portrait unique of their child inspired/ where a capture of time is truly desired.

A time they wish had never arrived/ from a moment in time that love derived./ This portrait, this photograph, this image is true/ of a child grown up with horizons blue.

To me there remains a connection direct/That I tell my heart to never forget:/ 'tween my passion and soul there remains a test/ when the click of the shutter my heart does arrest.

Until next time:  Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique

Michael P. Young