July 9, 2012

A Week of Black and White (and a little color)

This past week Diane and I have been on vacation.   We decided this year we would stay home, sleep in a bunch, and venture out on some day trips to areas around us that we always say..."gee...we need to go see that sometime...it's so close."

So our first trip on Monday was to go see Nambe Falls....unfortunately when we got there, the gate was closed and a sign said "closed 4th of July"...I guess they too were taking vacation for the week.  Bummer.

So we decided to just continue heading North to Taos and go see the Rio Grande Gorge, Taos Ski Valley, and then stroll the Taos Plaza.

I have been to the Rio Grande Gorge multiple times since I was a kid visiting it with my parents. For Diane it was her second time and Victoria her first. The bridge is one of the highest bridges in America and spans the Rio Grande River.  At the pinnacle of it's span, it rises 650 ft above the river.

While at the bridge, we took a moment to watch an incoming storm off the mountains....

We then went up to Taos Ski Valley to check things out.  Along the way, we pulled over at a Forest Campsite to check out the river and natural beauty:

We met a really nice Indian family there and the grandpa and I had a nice chat about cameras....he used to use a Nikon F2 in the Himalayas....did he say Himalayas?

We then continued onto the Taos Ski Valley...the had the lift open for hiking and shops were open.  A lot more people up there than I would have expected...took this next shot on a little walkway bridge in the village:

The next day we visited Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu Lake.  What a gorgeous place and the hiking trails and museums are fabulous.  We did a 3 mile round trip hike on the Chimney Rock trail.  The vistas are awesome:

We hiked up to the top of the ridge that sits to the right of Chimney Rock.

One the way back down, we had a fabulous view of Abiquiu Lake

All in all, it was a great week of venturing during our July 4th week.  However, we got to see no fireworks on July 4th as they had to cancel the show due to dry drought conditions.

But we did have lots of fun with friends and family.

Until next time: Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique.

Michael P. Young

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