July 27, 2012

Steubenville West Youth Worship and Inspiration

Last weekend I had the privilege to be a chaperone for our Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish youth group as they attended the Steubenville West Youth Retreat in Tucson Arizona.  The event was hosted on the campus of the University of Arizona.

I went to this with a slight bit of arrogance and piety thinking I was "doing my part" as a Chaperone...but in the end I was blown away, that in fact, the youth of our Parish blessed me in their conviction and authenticity...Which has in turn strengthened my desire to drawing closer to the Lord and working harder in the exercise of my Catholic Faith! Praise be to God.  Never underestimate the inspiration of youth!!!!!
As a first time chaperone for this past retreat this last weekend, I cannot tell you what a witness it was to me to see thousands of youth on fire for our Lord and Savior and the absolute respect and immersion of those youth during the Worship and Adoration times...and OUR beautiful Parish youth participating just as genuine and spiritually as the thousands of others!  Holy Guacamole!!!!!!

I won't post any pictures of the youth here, specifically, but I hope you enjoy some the imagery of worship and glory I was able to capture that should give you a sense of the spectacular event and retreat this turned out to be!

Fabulous worship and singing!

This sight filled my heart with joy!

Of course, what is a 9 hour bus ride without guitars!

Blessing and prayer over those who answered the call to vocations.

Did anyone think there WOULDN'T be beach balls at the end?

My beautiful daughter on the bus on the way home...no lack of energy! How do they do it...

The first sign we came across as we walked the campus...only on a college campus! Love it....

Speaking of campus...University of Arizona campus is beautiful...[/caption]

Until next time: Love yourself, love your neighbor, and stay unique!

Michael P. Young

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