August 29, 2012

The Blessed Fire of Mother and Child

I can say nothing more than this..I am always blessed beyond measure when I'm allowed to do what I love to do...photographing people...period.

Oh! how I was blessed last weekend when I was asked to photograph mother and child. This precious little baby was happily content and showed all the signs of being supremely loved and cared for by momma! And no other words will be necessary from this point forward in this post....

August 15, 2012

Miranda! You Tricked Us...

When we met with Miranda and her folks for the creative planning meeting, the ideas were flowing like honey perfectly warmed...sweet and effortless.  Miranda had done her homework...she was very articulate and focused on what she wanted and worked seamlessly in integrating herself into the creative planning...if I didn't know any better, I could have imagined I was sitting in front of a Fashion Director of a fashion magazine!

August 11, 2012

Daniel: Man of Intrigue

Creative is part of our process in shooting Senior Portraits.  Every teen has a fire of personality, style, and grace.  Our creative planning process engages our clients in a path of creativity in custom designing a photoshoot where all aspects of a Teen's fire come together to create fabulous images of their personality, style, and grace....the elements that make them who they are....And Danile's fire is an amazing combination of facets in talent, skill and athleticism.

Daniel is definitely one of the high school seniors that I wanted to be when I was in High School.  He's definitely a "Most Interesting Man of the World" type!