August 11, 2012

Daniel: Man of Intrigue

Creative is part of our process in shooting Senior Portraits.  Every teen has a fire of personality, style, and grace.  Our creative planning process engages our clients in a path of creativity in custom designing a photoshoot where all aspects of a Teen's fire come together to create fabulous images of their personality, style, and grace....the elements that make them who they are....And Danile's fire is an amazing combination of facets in talent, skill and athleticism.

Daniel is definitely one of the high school seniors that I wanted to be when I was in High School.  He's definitely a "Most Interesting Man of the World" type!

He's got both sides of the brain working wonderfully in harmony together; Creative and Smart.  And darn it, he's also athletic.  In the creative world, he plays TWO!  instruments with aplomb.   The piano and the trumpet.  As he played the piano for us during the piano shots, I was hard pressed to remembering I needed to shoot rather than just relax and listen!

He's a great student and plays chess.  He's got multiple chess sets, one of which is in a constant game play with his dad.

Add to all that, he also runs hurdles in track.  What a guy!

When we sat down with Daniel and his wonderful parents to work on the creative plan for the shoot, I realized that in order to capture all the great aspects of this fabulous young man, we were going to have a field day of great imagery that brought the elements of his accomplishments and intrigue into a lifestyle photoshoot that was going to rock!  Check out the images we were blessed to capture of Daniel after the break.

By way of a well crafted Michael P. Young creative plan and our custom built studio equipment, we were able to execute on the plan in multiple locations and outfits and create for Daniel and his family a set of images that are truly inspiring and capture the personality, style and grace of Daniel's awe inspiring fire.  Oh, and did I forget to mention, that in total, the photoshoot took 5 hours to execute!

Until next time: Love yourself, love your neighbor, and stay unique!

Michael P. Young

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