August 15, 2012

Miranda! You Tricked Us...

When we met with Miranda and her folks for the creative planning meeting, the ideas were flowing like honey perfectly warmed...sweet and effortless.  Miranda had done her homework...she was very articulate and focused on what she wanted and worked seamlessly in integrating herself into the creative planning...if I didn't know any better, I could have imagined I was sitting in front of a Fashion Director of a fashion magazine!

When we arrived at the first location on the day of the photoshoot, we reviewed the shot list and talked about posing and flair.  I was a little reticent in that Miranda seemed somewhat shy and reserved...

But upon the first click of the shutter, I was greatly proven wrong...Miranda tricked all of us in a fabulous way...a hidden fire of modeling/posing technique came out that astonished us all...she owned the lens and brought out a can of whoop on posing, attitude, and flair!

At times it was so natural, she made ME feel like I was a famous fashion photographer shooting an A-List model for a famous was brilliant.
Her photoshoot was broken down into three indoor fashion shoot, a set of dusk/nightime shots, and an outdoor lifestyle up in the Jemez that melted my heart when she pulled out the Violin she plays....~swoon~

While we were waiting for dusk/nightime shots, we decided to do an impromptu set of shots in an area of forest that had recently burned.  Miranda naturally transformed into the mood of the scene and didn't skip a beat.
Until next time: Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!

Michael P. Young

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