October 30, 2012

Warm Honey, English Muffins, and a Guy Named Sky


Meet Sky....Sky's photo shoot will go down as one of my photo shoots that made me feel like I was shooting for Rolling Stones Magazine.  He is a senior with a cool attitude, a cool guitar, and a cool sound, and a desire to go into Film Cinematography.  We met with Sky and his family a week before the shoot.  As soon as Diane and I met the young man, I knew we were in for a treat on this photo shoot.

Sometimes, there is just a vibe about a person in which when you meet them or see them, and the photo shoot just starts laying itself out inside your head.  The creative juices flow like warm honey on a hot English muffin just out of the toaster on a cold winter morning...and his guitar was the perfect cup of coffee (or maybe tea?) to go with that honey and English muffin!

As we got to the location, my eyeballs immediately tracked to a small rise in the meadow.  I seem to have a knack for identifying locations that make my subjects and assistants trek...but hey, that's why we get the shots that nobody else gets...anything for the shot, right? (Well, within reason of course)....

As we talked outfit and location, I saw this awesome rock (yup, a rock)