February 8, 2013

The Making of a Teen Client Showcase Movie Ad

Photo by Michael P. Young
I'm a big fan of pre-show movie theater advertising videos for my business.  What better way to showcase the fabulous fire of our teen clients than on the BIG SCREEN!

We currently do this in our hometown local movie theater, REEL DEAL Theater .  The rates are FANTASTIC, and the exposure?... well in a small town, the movie theater is a go to place.  And to be honest, the dramatic effect of  these fabulous teens seeing their beautiful and fabulous mugs on a big screen movie theater is exciting for them, their parents and their friends...they talk about it and tell people to go check it out.  And it really helps me achieve my goal of helping teens share the fire of their personality, style, and grace in a big way.

Here's our latest...

It's very challenging to get the vibe and message you want in 30 seconds!  The last one we did (see below) was 1:23...but the costs scale up quickly when you start going over 30 seconds.  So this time I decided to keep it at 30 seconds so I could keep the ad running longer.  We will refresh the ad every couple of months, or even monthly during the heavy senior season.

What & Who we use for editing and music licensing....

When I first started doing these, I was using Pinnacle Liquid Pro....which then got bought out by Avid and went my the name of Avid Studio Pro...Corel now owns it and it is called Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate...

Here's the one that we just rolled off from...it's longer at 1:15 and costs quite a bit more in the theaters.

For almost all my music, I rely on Killer Tracks.  The Atmosphere collection is the bomb, but holy cow, they have every imaginable type of music, vibe, and sound, and license you would be looking for.  For the current video I am using Glistening Dawn from Atmosphere Emotional Underscores Disc...I have always found the Atmosphere label to never fail me in finding awesome emotional and exciting songs.

The reason I have stayed true and LOVED my Liquid/Avid/Pinnacle Studio NLE is threefold:
1.  Effects render in the background
2.  Almost limitless in what I can do
3.  The export capabilities of being able to transcode the video to just about any freaking format I need.  Unlimited timeline tracks, multiple effects layering and keyframing, a gazzilion effects, and a slo-mo time warp feature that is smoooooth as butter.

I do recommend one get the BEST video card you can get as the other great thing about this NLE is that it actually uses a video card's GPU instead of offloading to cpu....my current card is a NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy post.

Until next time:  Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!

Michael P. Young

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