July 18, 2013

Fog, Gas Masks, and Beauty...Miriam's Fire

It will come as no surprise that my favorite part of any photo shoot is the actual photo shoot itself.....ahhhh...the beautiful feel of a camera in my hand, the click of the shutter, and the heart palpitating rush of the instantaneous sound of a xeon filled tube flashing in unison.... 

But I would be remiss in making you believe the photoshoot is where the all the action takes place.  While indeed it is where the rubber meets the road, there is another step of many in the phase of a photo shoot that can be very exciting indeed....The Creative Planning Session.

It was during the creative planning session for Miriam's photo shoot in which I had the pleasure of working with Miriam on a path of creativity to bring her photo shoot to life....

She has a genuine beauty and a most creative soul that brought a level of synergy to the creative planning session that blew me away.

As part of the creative planning sessions we provide our clients, we always talk about what activities the client likes to do or partake in...and then identify props to incorporate into the photo shoot to capture a remembrance of those things...for some it's sports equipment, musical instruments, cars....for Miriam, one of them is her Alienware Laptop....she worked hard to save for that puppy, and enjoys its use!

So as we all sat around the table, a vision of the particular shot started forming...fog, glass desk, color gels...yeah, it was cool.

The planning and setup for this shot paid off.  We used two strobes and the ambient light of the laptop screen.  We had one strobe lighting the fog, one gridded strobe lighting the front of the laptop, and the light from the screen lighting her face...In order to capture the laptop screen light, I had drag the shutter long enough to capture the ambient light...ie...keep the shutter open longer than usual...

Here's a bts shot of the setup:
So what's up with the gas mask?  Well, her brother wanted to get in on the action of the shot, so we took another round of shots with the setup, and he did well as the creepy gas mask guy that added some cool tension to the shot....
For the remaining portion of the creative plan, it was all about outfits and locations.  They chose this beautiful park in Albuquerque that gave us the scenery to compliment that absolute awesome style of presence Miriam has in front of a camera...she told me earlier that she didn't feel photogenic...my reply was to tell her it was my job was to prove her wrong....

Until next time,
Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!  Michael P. Young

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