July 23, 2013

The Soulful Poise of Alyssa

One of the best aspects of my job as a High School Senior Portrait Photographer is the absolute joy I receive in getting to meet a diverse universe of awesome souls and their families... and then getting to capture the fabulosity of those souls in a unique way EVERY-SINGLE-TIME! Seriously...what did I do right in a previous life?!!!

My life was most recently blessed in performing Alyssa's photo shoot. She has a personality that is diverse, caring, and very insightful.

Oddly enough then, the creative planning session started with a "I'm boring". As you will see in the images to follow, that was HARDLY the case.  One of the great outcomes of the creative planning phase of our photo shoots is digging deep and helping the client identify with the process.  Before you know it ideas and creativity flow like rushing water in a cool mountain river during spring.

We finally decided on three photo shoot segments.
An indoor opposites shoot with her best friend, a Corvette shoot, and a fabulous night time shoot in the tunnel that was used in the horror movie "Let Me In". And btw, yes, that freaking tunnel was creepy at night! I'm so glad there were four of us at that shoot segment...but holy cow, it made for a most magical set!

We then made arrangements for Alyssa and my make up person (who happens to be my lovely daughter) to consult and strategize on make up a few days before the shoot date.  They nailed it.  As the fabulous photographer Matthew Jordan Smith always says, a TEAM means Together Each Achieves More....and my TEAM is the best at making more for my clients.

All I can say is the photo shoot segments were magical, fun, and wickedly cool. It was amazing to see Alyssa transform into a very relaxed and, when needed, magazine quality model. Her poise, charm, and soulfulness graced the camera and made my heart race with anticipation on how fabulous these images were going to look.

As a funny side note, we had three Mikes (myself, Alyssa's dad, and the friend of their family who provided the awesome Corvette) on set that made for funny "who me?" moments.... What a wonderful time.

Until next time: Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!

Michael P. Young

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