October 7, 2013

A Girl and a Lake

This is the story about a photoshoot at a lake...a lake where all the elements of nature, location, poise, and charisma came together to create a very special set of images....

The story starts with a young lady, Hayley,  whose roots were founded and rooted deep in awesome sands of Southern California beaches.  And like any good, red-blooded, Southern California water baby, she missed those beaches.

During our time with Hayley and her mom during her high school senior portrait creative planning session, we talked about how we could create a photoshoot in Northern New Mexico that would have elements of her beloved beaches.  And by golly, we had it....
The next weekend we were all traveling north to scout out the nearest lake....Abiquiu Lake to be exact, to see if we could build a photoshoot around Hayley and her love for the beaches of Southern California.
When we got there, it was a gorgeous warm day with a few monsoon clouds percolating in the distance.  We scouted several locations around the lake perimeter.  I kept looking at the clouds thinking they would be dynamic and cool for the photoshoot...would it be too much to ask Mother Nature to ask for an order of such clouds for the scheduled photoshoot day?

One particular location found us on top of a rock.  I called it Lion King rock for it totally reminded me of the rock in The Lion King movie where Simba was presented to all the animals....no..seriously...it looked just like it!

It was PERFECT and, dare I say, caused my heart to get excited and palms sweat. My index finger itched to collapse the shutter button on a camera...any camera...start the photoshoot now! 

I visited with a really nice Park Ranger to talk about what we were wanting to do and getting the skinny on what kind of permits we were going to need.

I returned to discuss the findings with Hayley's mom and looked over to see Hayley looking out over the lake on the aforementioned Lion King rock....as she turned around to walk back over to us, I asked her to stop...pulled out my iPhone and taped furiously at the screen....yup!...this location was going to be awesome!

We all left the lake with hope in our hearts and excitement in our veins....

A couple of weeks later, we returned to the lake with a mini-van full of strobes, reflectors, cameras, and water.  I phoned our Park Ranger friend to let him know we were here.  He came and met us at the dock to give us our permit paper work.

The skies were mostly blue with a few wimpy, fuzzy-looking clouds strewn across the blue canvas of sky.  I was a little disappointed.  I wanted back those clouds from a few weeks ago.

I think Mother Nature heard my mumbling....the park ranger proceeded to tell me that a storm was brewing over the Jemez Mountains and was headed our way and we had about an hour and 15 minutes before it arrived.  And sure enough, off in the distance I squinted out a small line of brewing storm clouds hugging the horizon.  An excited "Eeek!" like that of a childish voice reverberated in my head and triggered the photographer adrenaline to start its freaky little pulse...

Mother Nature was exquisitely nice to us that day.....

Until next time: Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!
Michael P. Young

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