January 1, 2014

♪ On The 3rd Day of Fabulous of 2013... ♪

♪ On the 3rd Day of Fabulous of 2013...♪

(For the 12 Days of Fabulous I choose my most favorite 3 images from a randomly chosen 2013 client photoshoot.)

Miriam's photoshoot was truly unique and awesome!  I remember the creative planning session well as we sat down and talked out ideas with her mom!

I love her personality, and she was so worried how she was not photogenic...ha!...her personality and fabulous charisma made these pictures absolutely beautiful and stunning with a fullness of character that blew me away.  All I had to do was click away...she did all the work!

It was also a very hot and humid day and she was a true trooper in helping me get these shots.  We had a full entourage of people with water and umbrellas trying to keep her as comfortable as possible.  FABULOUS!

Until next time:  Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!
Michael P. Young

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