January 2, 2014

♪ On the 4th Day of Fabulous of 2013...♪

♪ On the 4th Day of Fabulous of 2013...♪

(For the 12 Days of Fabulous I choose my most favorite 3 images from a randomly chosen 2013 client photoshoot.)

Kiana should look a little familiar to you!
Kiana was one of the participants in my Titanium Volleyball project.

Kiana is a fantastic athlete with a positive personality.  Her photoshoot was up in the Jemez mountains at a location that her mom suggested.  Please go take a look at her Share It! site for more awesome pictures from that area.  Kiana rocked that photoshoot and you will be truly blessed by what you see in her personality, style, and grace surrounded by the beautiful mountain scenery!  And the softball lifestyle shots are just fantastic.  She's awesome.

Until next time:  Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!
Michael P. Young

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