January 4, 2014

♪ On the 6th Day of Fabulous of 2013...♪

♪ On the 6th Day of Fabulous of 2013...♪

(For the 12 Days of Fabulous I choose my most favorite 3 images from a randomly chosen 2013 client photoshoot.)

Monica's Models
During the summer, we did a commercial photoshoot for Monica's Salon here in Los Alamos.
It was a fabulous collaboration with Monica and her fabulous designer, Wendy.  Monica provided all the clothing and styling for the shoot.  It was quite the production.  And the young lady models were real troopers!

The end goal of the photoshoot was to create a movie theater ad we would create for her that would show at the Reel Deal Movie Theater here in Los Alamos.  I gave Monica a list of music to choose from and here choice was awesome. Click the play button below to watch the video!

Until next time:  Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!
Michael P. Young

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