January 7, 2014

♪ On the 9th Day of Fabulous of 2013...♪

♪ On the 9th Day of Fabulous of 2013...♪

(For the 12 Days of Fabulous I choose my most favorite 3 images from a randomly chosen 2013 client photoshoot.)

Ben is an amazing young man.  A quiet personality at first, but give it some time and you see a fabulous sense of humor and relaxed coolness.  He's quite the musician and plays multiple instruments.  Trumpet, guitar, mandolin, and piano.  (Sorry, we couldn't get a piano to the shoot location...but I did ask!).

Though a beautifully sunny day for his shoot, it was frigid cold and he was a great trooper during it all.  At the end of it all his final words were.. "I'm hungry"....hey, he's a growing young man and I hope his dad treated him to a king's dinner!

Good luck Ben in all you do...you've got a great head on your shoulders, great talent, and awesome support.  Can't wait to see what your next steps in life will be!

Until next time:  Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!
Michael P. Young

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