May 24, 2014

Mental Illness Awareness: You Are Not Alone

A year ago, March, we were told our son had Paranoid Schizophrenia.  Two words that would explain so much, yet throw us into a world of fear and uncertainty...through NAMI, we found we were not alone....

This is a video I have put together from our participation in the recent NAMI Walks fundraising event.  For those curious, it was all shot on my Nikon D800.  The black and white segments were shot with a custom profile setting I created in camera.  Music licensing provided by First Com Music.

Visit to find out more of how this wonderful organization advocates and helps those suffering from mental illness in addition to supporting families, friends, and caregivers of those suffering from mental illness.

Until next time:

Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!

Michael P. Young

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