May 5, 2014

Spring Break!

Sometimes the spontaneous trips are the most pleasant!  On the Thursday before my daughter's spring break, we were all in the car talking about what we were going to do for Spring Break.  And in almost perfect unison, we all yelled "San Diego!".
So the next day, we packed up the car, and split for San Diego.  Straight through..14 hours.

It was worth it.  We had a very relaxing and joyous time.  And of course, I shot most everything in black and white...if you haven't heard, I'm a black and white junkie....and as usual, my wife and daughter were gracious in allowing me to take my photos!

We took I-40 to Los Angeles.  And along the stretch around Palm Springs, they have A LOT of windmill farms.  I put the patience of my wife and daughter to test, and parked the car in a gas station parking lot, and walked over an overpass and put my camera on the railing and got this shot.

And of course, plenty of beach shots of my beautiful daughter...she just ignores me now with the camera....

Until next time: Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!

Michael P. Young

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