July 31, 2014

Snow Queen Filming Update and Other Stuff

Hi everyone.
Just a quick update on what's been going on.

We have been working hard on summer filming for the Snow Queen: Daughters of the Snow film.  Our summer filming has been capturing the back stories and off-season interests of our cast.

We have also been laying down voice over tracks of the cast for the new trailer we are creating for our final push in fundraising.  As I write this I am reminded of a very cool story of our voice over work.

I had Amy, Tiffany, Petra over to the studio to record parts of the new trailer's script.  While the ladies reviewed the script, it became quite obvious that something needed to be said by Amy.  I asked Amy what was on her mind.  One thing I like about collaboration, is that if the group feels comfortable, and ego levels are low, much better collaboration comes forth.  And this day was truly a day that this truism came to fruition...

Amy was gentle, yet blunt....