December 23, 2014

Beauty, Positivity, and Soul

Ok...I admit...when I was typing out the title of this blog, the word "positivity" got the red squiggly underline...

The passionate artist in me said..."So?..the word describes this high school senior perfectly!"

...While the anal-retentive ex-software developer in me cringed in disdain at the offensiveness of made up words...

As luck would have it, the passionate artist was able to give the raspberry to its counterpart personality as proved the word to be valid!

Well!...Enough about me and my dueling self.... Meet Jaquelynn. 

When I met with Jaquelynn and her mom, dad, and sweet little sister (though her sister may now want to kick me in the shins for stating her as such), I could just feel the "positivity" in the room.

And as we talked about Jaquelynn's creative plan, the positive vibe this fabulous young lady and her family exuded paid off in spades. Jaquelynn is one of those people that has a soul of perpetual hope, charm, and charisma that takes her already beautiful little self and magnifies it exponentially!

We had setup a pretty ambitious creative plan for her photo shoot that had us truly traveling from the longest possible diagonal ends of Los Alamos County as possible!

Oh, but in the end it was truly worth it and magical.  And we all need to give Jaquelynn's dad a huge standing ovation for lugging the props to location for her "love of music" lifestyle shot!

And of course a big apology for taking Jaquelynn, her mom, and my fabulous assistant, Margaret, around in circles trying to find a location that her dad quickly pointed out to us was within viewing distance of the cars!...

Until next time: 

Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!

Michael P. Young  

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