December 24, 2014

Fearlessly Talented

I'm seriously convinced this young lady, Michelle, has no fear...or more precisely...she knows how to put fear aside, take life by the horns, and show the world there is no such thing as girls and boys boundaries.  If the truth be told, this young lady has schooled her share of boys in showing them where the real boundaries of mind-over-matter live while shouting "Catch Me If You Can" in the process!

Michelle and her older brother's raising by her father and mother was of the ski-bum life (though one would be hard pressed to believe any part of the "bum"

A major raising of Michelle and her older brother by their father and mother is in the philosophy of the ski-bum...though one would be hard pressed to believe any of the bum part when witnessing the highly successful business their mom and dad run and the work ethic they and their kids exhibit!

Nay, it's more that they have not only raised their kids on how to work hard but then how to play hard in nature's back yard and to fearlessly enjoy every moment they are lucky enough to be in it...
that a 4x4 vehicle is imperative to own as it helps guarantee first tracks on a fresh powder day, or access to favorite downhill mountain biking trails and terrain!

Michelle is a phenomenal snowboarder and mountain biker...whether hitting the steepest of chutes at Taos alongside her dad, or winning the 2014 Women's JR USA National Championship in the summer tearing a line down the mountain on her mountain bike.

The power of a champion athlete, and the grace of a model...the creative plan on this high school senior photo shoot can only be expressed by images alone!

Until next time:

Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!

Michael P. Young

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