December 22, 2014

Fellowship-Nature-Food..and a Viola!

Meet Irene. Irene is the eldest daughter of a family we adore. Where, good food, laughs, and fellowship are always to be found when we have the blessed opportunity to get together.

Irene is one of the beautiful paradoxes of human nature where the yen and the yang of personality and talent are in perfect harmony. She's intensely smart and talented and takes her education very seriously. And she's compassionately nice and welcoming to all she meets.

She comes from a family line of music that bears evidence from the moment your ears are treated to the passionate sounds that envelope you when you hear her play her viola...

As we sat around the dinner table at her parents house, sipping coffee and developing her creative plan for the photo shoot, it also became quite apparent that this family is full of fabulous, fun, and sometimes, scary stories!  I felt like I should have been taking notes in anticipation of preparing a movie script!  What fun.

We had the fortunate state of mother nature on the day of her photo shoot. Mountain aspens were turning the colors of orange and gold with near perfect blue skies and sun.   We were able to enjoy a beautiful day in the mountains with her and her family, fabulous photos, and an awesome picnic lunch to boot.

During the photo shoot we also go to be treated to Irene playing her viola during a few of the shots. It was quite cool to see other hikers stop to enjoy the sounds.
All in all, it was an awesome experience of two families coming together in nature, good food, music, and fellowship, centered around one of my most favorite passions of

Until next time: 
Love Yourself, Love Your Neighbor, and Stay Unique!

Michael P. Young  

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