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Welcome to my photography blog where I discuss and share all things photography and business related to my photography career; photo shoots, techniques, business stuff, or just blah, blah, blah stuff!

I started down the road of photography after a short stint in video post production.  I wish I could be all purist and say that I've been photographing since I was a kid (though I did have my own Everflash 110 camera when we went to France as a kid for the summer, and I did play around with my dad's Kodak Retinette 1A camera)...but there surely wasn't any defining moment that said "I want to be a photographer!"

That didn't come until my late 30's!  I started shooting sports on a Nikon D70...considered one of the fastest bad boy digital cameras at the time.  And I was hooked.

I currently specialize in fashion and lifestyle high school senior portrait photography, and of course pick up the occasional family portrait and wedding gigs that come my way.  But my passion is in teen photography.  So I created the Michael P. Young brand around my love for my own teenagers and the inspiration I find in the fire of all teens....

Me: The BRAND - Inspired Photography for the Inspiring Teen


I believe teens light up the world around them with an inspiring fire of personality, style, and grace.  Every day I wake up inspired to capture that fire and help them Share It!


I created the Michael P. Young photography brand with the vision to help teens uniquely capture and share the inspiring fire of their personality, style, and grace through a fabulous photo shoot experience  inspired by commercial fashion photography. Where pride in creative planning, execution of craft, and  visibility of the finished product reign supreme over traditional studio methods of generic poses centered around complex, image limiting package sales.

Guiding Principles

The Michael P. Young brand has in place 4 guiding principles inspired from fashion photography to direct the brand in successfully helping teens capture their fabulous fire and share the results with the ones who love and cherish them:
  1. Deliver Unique & Creative - This is a directive to me and my team to think outside the box.  You are unique and what I create for you needs to forget what I did for previous clients.  My creative planning process is designed to get to know and draw out the fire of your personality, style, and grace and then build a fabulous fashion and lifestyle photo shoot around that fire.
  2. Be Positive - Provide you a quality photo shoot experience that engages you in a path of creativity where you feel comfortable and fabulous.
  3. Sweat the Little Things - Do not cut corners or accept minor imperfections.  Provide you a team that has your back and where TEAM means "Together Each Achieves More"...just for you!
  4. Share It! - Your photo shoot just captured the beautiful fire of your personality, style, and grace...now it's time to amplify that fire by helping you Share It! with those who cherish the light you bring to their world and are your greatest fans!

Me: Just Me....

I'm a total nut when it comes to the Holiday season and a Starbucks extra hot Carmel Brulee Latte is my passion of choice during this season. And yes, you will find my mail box crowded and stuffed each month with the latest Vogue, Lucky, and GQ magazines...and if you spy on me hard enough you'll find that I just love the wonderful aroma of fresh print magazine pages...

I love to carve the canyon roads on my Honda CBR600 sportbike.

I love running with my pooch in the canyon.


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